ΑΤΙ serves up the best that nature has to offer!

ΑΤΙ is a company that began its activity in 1999 in the processing of tomatoes and the production and standardization of tomato paste 28-30% in aseptic bags.

The year 2005 witnessed the implementation of a modernization and expansion program aimed at developing and ensuring the quality of company products, in secure Combibloc cartons as well as in cans.

With steady corporate strides ahead, unwavering orientation and a continuing policy of development, the company has been able to achieve an increase in its capacity as well as in the safeguarding and guaranteeing of its products. This is a result of the company’s investment in new, state-of-the-art production facilities containing the most advanced machinery on the market, that have vast capabilities in both the standardization and processing of vegetable products.

European machinery manufacturers distinguished for their expertise in food processing and standardization, such as CFT Rossi&Catelli, Ing. A. Rossi, Fenco, Savi Antonio, Loons, SIG Combibloc, are exclusive suppliers of ATI machinery.

ΑΤΙ obtains the raw materials necessary for its tomato-based products exclusively from production units in the fertile Plains of Thessaly.

Distribution has been entrusted to trained and experienced company representatives working on the international marketplace.

The company’s highly-trained technical and administrative staff, as well as the strict monitoring by the company’s Agronomic Department, beginning with selection of varieties and then determination of time frames, harvesting and transport methods to be used, all contribute to the exceptional quality of ΑΤΙ products.

The company’s industrial capacity is equivalent to 1,500,000 kilos/24 hour period and through a strict selection process of raw materials, products that fully satisfy customer demands are then distributed to the marketplace.

ΑΤΙ has already concluded agreements regarding export of its products and is collaborating with countries internationally such as: Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Japan and Dubai.

Simultaneously, as part of the corporate orientation expansion framework, the company produces a wide variety of retail products for both export as well as Greek domestic sale purposes: dynamic products with the seal of a company with a genuine vision.

ΑΤΙ is dynamically committed to the present while focusing on a bright future, thanks to its organizational structure and strict selection standards regarding the quality of raw materials for its products.

The production process, management of goods produced and specialized workforce are all certified by both ISO 9001 and HACCP standards.